28 November – Split Croatia

We departed Venice in the sunset…. It was so pretty sailing by those palaces and St Mark’s square for a last time. 

We woke up in Split Croatia. I’d never heard of the place before this cruise. Rather like little Pula, it is off the beaten track. The Romans however quite liked the place and Roman emperor Diocletian retired there. You may have heard of him – he was totally into persecution of  what he considered to be pesky Christians. Anyway he built himself a very fine palace in Split and spent his golden years there. A fair bit of that palace is still standing – in particular it’s basement.

Here we had the worst guide of the trip so far – beyond bearable repetitive! She was pretty keen on that basement – kept us there forever babbling away about God knows what – we completely lost interest. However Split itself is quite charming. We ditched the boring guide and explored the vibrant “green market”. Everyone from near and far was either shopping for or selling fresh vegetables and fruit. Dad and I bought a string of figs. So sweet and yummy.

Split explored as mush as we wished, we wandered back to the ship – easy walking distance right outside the gate of the old city. I spent the afternoon basking in hot sun on our balcony with very little on if you get my drift. Dad snoozed – he’s coming down with a cold. Seems a few people on board have one. Once these things get going they are hard to stop.


Roman soldiers? yes indeed….


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