Pictures of Venice

My Ipad is refusing to load more than three pictures at a time so three more on their way if these ever load….   
Motering  down the Grand Canal – in a local “bus” – Such a treat! 

The ceiling of the entry to the Basilica in St Mark’s square. Plain compared to  the inside. Not a good shot but I took it surreptitiously as no cameras were allowed.

Flooded St. Mark’s Square. Pretty, but problematic for strolling around. You can see the line up of people trying to get to the basilica. The annoying thing was that people would get to the entrance to be told they had to go somewhere else to check purses. Then there would be two way traffic on the one way walkway. Now why someone couldn’t have been at the start of the walk way to explain this is beyond me. Kinda an Italian thing I guess. Many people were supremely not impressed! Another funny thing is that the Basilica advertises itself as “free.” But once one gets inside there are payments to be made to see different areas. Now if one has checked their purse in a different building and has no money as a result – well what can it says?  The annoyance level mounts! Seriously? I was quite happy to sweetly explain to the various ticket sellers, “oh so sorry, I can’t support the repair to your church, my money is in my purse and my purse is else where.” Smile. The Italians are know for being disorganized – I agree.

2 thoughts on “Pictures of Venice

  1. Greetings Kim & Dave!
    There’s 2 sets of the same Venice photos – ah the joys of blogging… they’re great photos though.
    Wow! I can see how the main square flooded would be an issue.And think what chaos that would be in high tourist season and also as global warming continues.
    Your days are certainly full with lots to see & do & the food sounds quite wonderful! you mentioned that you are contemplating another cruise next year.I had to chuckle…which month would you be squeezing that into?
    We had the classic CV inversion today with cold, damp fog in the valley & gorgeous, warm & sunny up on the mountain. We had a delightful walk in the meadows – was quite magical!

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