Pictures of Dubrovnik Croatia

So for some random reason these pictures loaded above the heading….

That randomness reminds me of a couple of other little things to say about today.

It was a dampish one and when we returned to the ship we were met with singing dancing crew members and champagne.  Just because – 

In the atrium this evening the entertainment included opera. There’s always some sort of music there, usually including the playing of the grand piano….

Our dinner this evening was amazing and included four different types of wine to go with the five courses. Tomato and watermelon gazpacho, (how odd does that sound? It was light and airy and oh so tasty) grilled scallops, (so tender and juicy) prosciutto and melon, (could have had two of those!) veal tenderloin, (didn’t really need a knife it was so tender) strawberry and basil delight (contained several sorts of liqueurs and was so yummy)…. All of it really over the top delicious.

A person might get rather used to this sort of decedence! Dad and I are looking into a China river cruise. It comes highly recommended.

Good night from somewhere in the Adriatic.

2 thoughts on “     Pictures of Dubrovnik Croatia

  1. Hi Brenda, so sorry to hear you’re under the weather! Not sure if that’s a great way to avoid chemo or not…but very much hoping you’re feeling well enough to continue soon. Your so close to being done! This is the final stretch!
    No we aren’t on any rivers, sailing through the Agean, Ionian, Adriatic ….. etc. (All Mediterranean waters) While we’re only on various seas on this cruise – it’s considered “ocean” cruising. The ship isn’t huge by ocean cruis boat standards but is probably too big to navigate rivers.
    As for Greece. Santorini was lovely. I’m hoping Corfu will be as well. Athens is just an unkempt less than stellar city. Clearly the Greeks have no intrinsic pride or initiative to maintain their capital. Certainly a disappointment for anyone expecting something special.

  2. Hey there Kim and Kim’s Dad. Loving your blog and photos I want to be there! your writing is positively lyrical Kim.
    How fabulous to walk the ancient streets of Kotor as it was hundreds of years ago. Greece sounded a bit of a disappointment? Is this a Viking River cruise? No chemo for me today as am sick with a bad cold sore throat…I’ll do anything to get out of chemo!

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