22 Nov – On the waves of the Ionian Sea

A full day at sea and a rather bouncy sea it was! There weren’t too many people in the various dinning  rooms and there were equally few people at the numerous enhancement lectures. Even some of the presenters at said lectures were some what under the weather. As were a few of the servers. It all made for an interesting day. Despite being a person rather prone to sea sickness, I did fairly well in that I attended every meal and lecture and enjoyed a beer at lunch then wine at dinner. By dinner we were actually in calmer seas. 

I took no pictures yesterday. I found the idea of balancing a camera to try and show you the tossing waves and bouncing  horizon a little more than I could manage. Dad figures the seas were about three meters with wind waves on top. Winds 35 to 40 knots. It was blowing a gale! No more. 

I have to say I was quite happy when we finished with the Ionian chop and entered the calmer waters of the Adriatic. Yesterday evening we were entertained with a very clever and funny rendition of  Get Smart and James Bond on stage. They did a great job of providing a quality live singing and dancing show with some quite sofisticated visual affects.

All in all a good day but I’m soooo glad to be back in clam seas!

Good night from somewhere off  the Croatian coast.

2 thoughts on “22 Nov – On the waves of the Ionian Sea

  1. Joyous and calm sailing to you Judith! We’re in port in Dubrovnik at the moment! Beautiful! Yes this is a fine cruise – everything is different from that ridiculous Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” experience. This ship is focussed on quality, fellow passengers are engaging, the on-shore sites are of historical and cultural interest, the service is outstanding, ……. This is a class act. The other was “tacky” on steroids!

  2. You have to have the odd gale just to feel you are really at sea…Why I’m saying that nonsense when we are about to embark on a voyage which takes us to two of the most treacherous coasts in the world for storms and monster waves, I don’t know! And we always bring stormy weather with us.
    You do sound to be enjoying this cruise more than the last, Kim. I hope that continues and that the good weather also travels alongside you.

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