20 Nov – Athens and a long and winding road

We spent the day touring around Athens. It was a quick glimpse, but as Kathy and I had a day here in the spring, I was able to build on that day’s delights with this. Athens is a sadly decaying city. Lots of graffiti, derelict buildings, parks in poor condition. After the energy and prosperity of Istanbul, Athens seems pretty lame as an exciting place to visit.

Our tour guide is an archeologist and her main area of expertise is Ancient Greek civilizations. As a result our time spent with her in the National Archeological museum was marvellous! She chose  a few exhibits and gave us some in-depth insight. I never thought I’d enjoy a guided tour around a museum. During our free time I zipped over to the temple of Zues which Kathy and I didn’t have time to visit. Fabulous views of the Parthanon from there.

I bought a pair of reproduction Bysantinian ear rings. Quite lovely. The reason I tell you this is that after I paid for them in cash, the store keeper asked me if I’d accept a receipt reflecting a lesser amount. I asked why. To avoid paying the income tax was the response. No wonder the country is in dept. I asked how that could be considered OK when Greece is about to start charging tourists 50.00 euros to visit places like the Acropolis instead of the current 12.00 Euros. I suggested Greece is broke because of dishonesty such as avoiding paying taxes…… Perhaps tourists will stop coming. Or no longer have extra money for ear rings if they have to pay so much to see the sights….. This line of reasoning did not seem to have any affect…. My receipt reflected less than I paid. I find myself having little sympathy for the Greek financial situation.

This evening’s entertainment on the ship was a Beatles concert. (A long and winding road). I’ve no idea why the Beatles – perhaps just the demographic of the majority of passengers. Whatever the reason the music was terrific! Now almost 11pm. Again! There’s simply so much going on its hard to find time for shut eye. Not much time for blogging either as you may have noted!

Good night from the Agean.

View of the Parthanon from the temple of Zues and the temple of Zues. 
The weather continues warm – unseasonably so but no one is upset about it!

One for the bronze statues in the museum. Was found under the sea. Had been on a ship that sunk.

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