Whirling Dervishes

Dad and I were more than slightly impressed by the ceremony we watched last night. Photography was not allowed – it being a spiritual ceremony – so I have taken a couple of pictures from the program for you… Five men took part and they whirled for about 45 minutes. The choreography  is very precise. Every small move and body position has a profound significance. Each item of the costume too is representative  of something. The hat for instance represents a tombstone. The white dress a shroud. The whiling and positioning of the dervishes equates to universal circular movements such as the planets orbiting the sun. The dervishes seek the Devine as they whirl. Judging from their facial expressions – they seem to find it…..  


3 thoughts on “Whirling Dervishes

  1. Oh my Kim…what an adventure you and your Dad are having together. Turkey remains on our list of places we would most like to see. Opulence galore….interesting food etc. Have a wonderful time on the cruise.. Your Dad is amazing!

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