Rise and shine in Istanbul

We’ve arrived in Istanbul!

The flights went well. Despite BA’s insistence that 90 minutes is adequate, two hours is not enough time to connect in Heathrow. But luckily our second plane left late so we made it – by the skin of our teeth. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, security was rather tight. They swabed and examined every bit of electronics…. with courtesy and good natures ….. so despite being frantic to make our onward flight it wasn’t too bad. We enjoyed the flights and the service was great. Heathrow itself leaves a lot to be desired. As airports go – it is not high on my list of efficient, user friendly places.

We are staying on the shore of the Marmara Sea, in old Istanbul. Our hotel is an Ottoman mansion and very pretty. At the moment we are having breakfast on a warm sunny terrace. We were awakened from deep sleeps this morning at an ungodly 6am by a loud and prolonged call to prayer from the nearby minaret. After this musical interlude to our much needed slumbers we were actually able to get back to sleep for a couple more hours so are now feeling rested and ready to explore…..

Stand by for more from sunny warm Istanbul later!

5 thoughts on “Rise and shine in Istanbul

  1. Good to know you are “on the road”, Kim. I was interested in what you had to say about Heathrow. Did you have to change terminals? When we arrive there next Friday, we both arrive and depart from Terminal 3 with a three hour gap so I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go through security and would stay in the secure part of the airport….So glad you like Istanbul. We really loved the place and wished we had had longer. Are you doing a quick side trip to the G20 summit???

    • Hi Judith. Re Heathrow. Yes we needed to transfer from terminal three to five and that took some time. Three hours really should be plenty especially as you are staying in the same terminal. It sure adds stress to the equation when flights are delayed and security checks are slow….. We actually arrived on time then spent an hour sitting off the gate because ground crews were doing something else… What else exactly remains unknown.
      Now about the G20. We gave this some serious consideration and decided to let Justin go for it! As dad says, “We didn’t get invited.” Clearly a smart move.

  2. Really glad to hear that your flight was uneventful, in light of the events in Paris……have heard from Helen, who is in in France at this time as you likely will recall. She is fine & fortunately neither she nor her son, who lives in Paris, were in the city when the shootings happened. So awful.
    Aahh…..the call to prayer. My first experience with it was so enjoyable that I think It will always seem beautiful to me. In Asmara it was the loveliest of sounds that drifted across the city…especially the first call before dawn. Similarly in Bangladesh, in Kagrachari, the call to prayer was frequently in concert with the Bhuddist monks chant but it was but equally fine. Duelling prayers I called it. The only call to prayer that I didn’t enjoy was the scratchy loudspeaker in Goronyo, Nigeria…..terrible, terrible sound that was right next door to us. Incredibly, though, I learned to sleep through it.
    I hope that Istanbul is all that you have looked forward to……observe keenly for us!

    • Hi Pat, Good to know Helen and her son are safe. Haven’t heard any further news from Paris. Might try to find an English TV station this evening. Then again…. perhaps I’d prefer to remain in ignorance of the continued mayhem and devastation. At 2:30 this afternoon We were treated to another minaret musical. This one more orchestrated, if you will, in that the call came simultaneously from several mosques all around us! It is a beautiful thing to hear when the quality of the recording and loud speakers is good! Thankfully this seems to be the case in this neighbourhood!

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