15 Nov – a sunny day of glorious sights in Istanbul

image An interior shot of Aya Sofya. Frecoes and mosaics, marble, massive vaulted ceilings …..

The view from our room… We are surrounded by mosques with their graceful minarets on three sides and the busy Marmara sea port is on the forth. It’s amazingly quiet as the streets are narrow with little traffic.image

imageAn interior shot of the Blue Mosque …. Awe-inspiring!

Aya SofyaAya Sofya. As old as the city itself. First a Christian church, then a mosque, now a museum. Glorious on the inside. It seems a bit cumbersome from without.

The Blue MosqueThe Blue Mosque. Now this building is stunning from inside and outside!

posting pictures is proving difficult…. So that’s all for today. We’re off to see dervishes whirl this evening.

4 thoughts on “15 Nov – a sunny day of glorious sights in Istanbul

  1. Thanks for the photos and travel blog to date. Forgot you were off traveling again! Wanna trade places?? naw…didn’t think so! Thanks for the B’day well wishes.I will live vicariously through you for the moment.Enjoy the Dervishes.

    • Good morning Brenda. After careful consideration I’ve decided – “no” to trading places. Sorry! The dervishes were quite incredible. The entire ceremony fascinating – there’s much ritual along with the whirling. …. Stand by for further on that. First I’m off for a Turkish breakfast which – if it’s like yesterday – will include a vast selection of different sorts of olives. I know olives at breakfast sounds odd but they seem to be very popular! So when in Rome – or Istanbul rather – do like the locals……

  2. Thanks Karin! Dad says hi. This is indeed a wonderful city. And the food….omg! Sooooo yummy. 10 pm and we just got in from dinner! You are right this is an incredible place to begin our odyssey. I hope we don’t have quite so many delays and scary adventures as did Ulysses (sp?)

  3. Glad to know that you and your Dad made it safely to Istanbul with only minor hiccups. What a gorgeous place to start your journey! I was there years ago and loved it. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I look forward to living vicariously through you!

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