Test Blog

Word has it that “word press” has changed a few things…. Gee. Just when I figure out how something works, and when it works well, someone somewhere has to justify their existence with updates….

So bare with me while I test the new system out.

7 thoughts on “Test Blog

  1. Love this post…very clever! Where are you or where are you going?? Sorry we have not gotten together. I was aware you worked for the Greens and I would have but felt compelled to vote strategically. In a sense a few less NDP and have greens in instead would have been a good idea. Getting rid of Harper has meant a breathe of fresh air and hope! Enjoy your travels! Hugs, Joyce

    Joyce Relyea Phone: 250-339-4083


    • Hi Joyce. I’m off on a Mediterranean cruise – starting in Istanbul, ending three weeks later in Barcelona. Travelling with my dad. And yes indeed there is a breath of sunny ways fresh air in this country at last! I feel I can step out of our borders with my head held a little higher and with less national shame hanging over my shoulders. Once again it will be possible to be a proud Canadian. And yes, isn’t that cartoon apt!!

  2. Received your Test Blog OK and thus looking forward to reading about your travels with your Father. Have a great time in case I do not see you before you go!!


  3. Ya – it works but it works differently. I don’t like different when the previous format was so simple to use. Just hope I can figure out how to post pictures because, as we all know – the pictures are the best part!

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