Natasha sends a bear up a tree

Here’s the only one of the pictures that wasn’t super blurry of this morning’s excitement.

I’d put madam in the house – the bear was none too pleased about being up that tree. Lots of grumbling and drooling.

Thanks for call off that noisy dog - but  no more picture taking I'm coming on down right now.

“Thanks for calling off that noisy dog – but no more picture taking I’m coming on down right now and I’m displeased.”

Oh – where was this – by my back fence.

4 thoughts on “Natasha sends a bear up a tree

  1. Hi Judith, Sally has been busy with bears! She also met a cub while walking with Billy the other evening. One of the reasons I don’t walk in the park in the evenings – too many likely encounters. One would have been enough to discourage me from chancing a second. Too many tragic tales of bears being killed because they had an unhappy encounter with humans. While this may have been the same bear, as no cubs were in evidence, I think perhaps not. I’m sure we have quite a few ambling about. We’re just seldom lucky enough to see them unless we do a “Sally” and habitually walk in bear territory during bear hours of peaceful foraging. Natasha, I’m glad to say, seems to understand the error of her ways and is staying well away from her usual perimeter patrol route. I think she may have understood the gist of the bear’s grumblings. I got the gist of them too and they were none too polite.

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