Rebuilding a school in Nepal

Here is this morning’s E-mail from Binod – there is little else to say except thank you everyone who contributed to this project. As you will note we’ve made our first donation and bought roofing material. We’ll be making another contribution in a couple of weeks so if you’re still thinking about it – it’s not too late to join the rebuild effort here in Gijyan or in Tendi’s village Khamding.

In the “people picture” Binod is wearing the green T shirt.

Namaste Kim,
At the moment I am at my village (Gijyan) in Annapurna region. I met with the head master of the school (Shree Tulodaya Secondary School). All teachers, some students and locals in village are in a process to rebuild the school. As the school has not received any support from the government or any organization they started to collect some donations from the locals in the village. I contributed 85 pieces of Tin from the donation I received from you. I have attached some photos of the school. In one photo I am standing with the Head Master (Mr. Suresh Paudel) who is wearing blue T shirt. More photos will be sent to you.

With best regards,

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3  photo 4 photo 5

4 thoughts on “Rebuilding a school in Nepal

  1. Hallo Kim,
    just rechecked your blog now and found your reply! Sorry… I am still not great with this technology!! Yes we went trekking with Binod 4 years ago and we have just been to Gijyan, met with everyone and brought our help to the school! Putting together a short summary to share with everyone! I will definitely keep you posted! My home for now is Dubai, if you ever pass by from here juts let me know. Cheers Ada

    • Namaste Ada, Good to hear from you. Binod told me you were going to Gijyan to provide some aid! This is such good news. I really think there are so many of us who have made personal donations that, together, we may actually make a bit of a difference. I usually fly to Kathmandu via Hong Kong as I live on the west coast but if I every fly through Dubai again (Which I did last year from New York) I’ll let you know. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Nepal but it won’t be until this next March. That still seems a long time away. Please keep me posted on how your visit to Gijyan went! Many people here ask me how my Nepali friends are and they too will enjoy getting an update.

  2. Dear Kim, I am so happy to find this! I am also trying to help Binod in his project to rebuild the school! Lets’ join forces! Ada

    • Hi Ada, How wonderful you found my post! The positive power of social media at work. Good to touch base with others sharing in lending a helping hand to our friends in Nepal! Where’s home for you? I’m guessing you’ve trekked with HikeNepal. What an awesome company Binod runs! I hope tourists and trekkers start returning to that remarkable and lovely country soon. Are you planning another trip? I’ll be back there in spring 2016. Wish it could be sooner but have some travelling to do with my dad first. Let’s hope the momentum of help continues as Nepal rebuilds. Cheers Kim.

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