An Open letter from Nepal

With his permission, I’m sharing with you a letter Binod wrote. Binod, for those of you who have joined this blog recently, is the owner/operator of He is the person who organizes my treks while I’m in Nepal and introduced me to Tendi.

“Dear Friends and Family,

Our lives in Nepal have been turned upside down by this recent earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Nepal and Nepalese have suffered losses in this earthquake from every aspect physically, psychologically, economically and historically. This natural disaster have devastated Kathmandu and surrounding regions including my birth village “Gijyan” in Annapurna region. This remote village including the school (Shree Tulodaya Secondary School, Parbat district) where I used to study have taken a terrible battering and are in desperate need significant resources and aid to begin the process of rebuilding.

Thanks to all those friends, family good wishers, prayers for extending their helping hands with love and sympathy. Many international teams who had came to lend a hand had returned to their home. They helped a lot with rescue, medical care, food, shelter, water sanitation. Lots of aids for the rebuilding, repairs still are coming for the country. It has encouraged us to move forward. We will always be grateful for all your humanitarian support at this time of need.

It is our responsibility to rebuild this nation. And there is no better way to revive the economy than through tourism which supports every level of Nepal society. One of the best things that people can do to help Nepal to recover will be to come for a holiday as soon as possible. So please make a plan to visit Nepal soon and be a part of rebuilding our nation. Thank you very much.”

With gratitude
Binod Mahat

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