Pictures speak 1000s of words – Nepal’s earthquake damage


Here I am addressing the Nepal earthquake again.

Many friends have already responded  to my request for assistance in raising money to directly provide some aid.  The initiative is to raise funds for repair of community infrastructure in two villages. One is Khamding, (Tendi’s home village). The other is Gijyan Tilahr (Binod’s home village). Thank you everyone for your great generosity.

Here are a few pictures Binod has sent me from Gijyan Tilahar .

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I think the last picture is a home’s roof. (Or perhaps I should say WAS a home’s roof).

The funds we send will be used by each village to repair community infrastructure as that village council sees fit. Access routes, medical clinic, school, mill, water supply are examples. The idea is to promote a dispersal of aid that will ensure the greatest number of people benefit. Should there be money left over, the village councils will decide how the balance should be dispersed, ensuring the most needy receive priority assistance. The accountability will be transparent in that records will be kept and no doubt pictures of a project before and after will be provided.

These are honest people, their life is already difficult, the earthquake has created some tremendous obstacles to basic life requirements – water, food, shelter. The monsoons are looming and these rains are heavy and unremitting. Together we have the resources to provide significant help to two villages. Let’s do it.

If you’d like to donate to this project please email me – Canadian or US funds can be E-transferred, mailed via snail mail or, if you live locally, we can meet.

Thank you (Danyabhad)

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