Nepal’s earthquake disaster

I’ve just arrived home from a wonderful trip. Within moments of turning on the news and hearing about the massive earthquake in Nepal, my phone rang and it was Tendi.

He and all his family in Kathmandu and in the village are uninjured. We only talked for a couple of minutes because his cell phone died. There’s no power in Kathmandu so I don’t know when we’ll have contact again.

He has his children with him. His apartment is relatively undamaged but houses on both sides are not in good shape. He says there are still after shocks and that it is really scary. There is a great deal of damage around him and I’m not sure if they have access to water.

As much as I feel tremendous relief they are personally relatively OK, I’m also deeply saddened because Nepal really doesn’t need more tragedy. The country is ill equiped to deal with this sort of devastation.

Several of you have sent me emails expressing concern for my Nepali family and friends and I thank you for your kind thoughts.

I’ll blog the last couple of days of Kathy’s and my Greek adventure tomorrow.

One thought on “Nepal’s earthquake disaster

  1. Hello Kim and welcome home.

    Thank you so much for sending me the most wonderful blogs of your adventures, and the beautiful photographs attached to some of them. I am greatly impressed by your “gotta wanna” and your physical endurance, in Nepal and in Crete and Greece. ADVENTURES INDEED! You have an excellent book in all of that.

    Regarding the recent disaster in Nepal, I am so glad that Tendi and family are uninjured, and that he was able to let you know that. I almost feel that I know Tendi from your narrations. I do hope he will be able to re-locate to a safer place. It seems to me that you personally have narrowly escaped these disasters, thank goodness for that.

    You must be reminded over and over of how fortunate we are to live here on beautiful Vancouver Island.

    I look forward to the ‘wrap up’ of your Greek adventure.

    All is well with me. Hope to see you in the garden when the time is right.

    Much love,


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