20 April – Continued peculiar exploits on Kea

Today Kathy and I were joined by a new friend – “Yellow Bird” – you will see her picture at the end of this post.

For the past week Kathy has been carrying around an unstamped post card to mail to her parents. They don’t do electronic communications and like post cards. But every time Kathy has gone to find a stamp the place that sells them is closed and the places which are open don’t sell them. Today she asked the car rental guy if he knew when the post office might open. He says that the post man will be around shortly doing his drop offs and pick ups. Kathy explains that she needs a stamp first. Not required, she’s told, the post man has stamps and will sell her one. This is indeed what happens.

Kathy buying her stamp at the mail delivery and pick up van.

Kathy buying her stamp at the mail delivery and pick up van.

The chickens in the back of the chicken truck

Chickens in the back of the chicken truck – the story about this is a bit further down the page.

The car rental guy is driving us to pick up “Yellow Bird” when he spies the postal Van. We stop and they get out and very soon Kathy has joined the que to do road side postal business. Her card gets its stamp and is taken by the postman for mailing. Now can any of you imagine a postal carrier in Canada providing this sort of service? (Sorry Brad – you’re the best anyway!)

Yesterday we were puzzled by a large blue truck driving along while some sort of presumably political rhetoric and music was being blared from it. Today it passed us as we were driving along in “Yellow Bird”. Much to our surprise the back of the truck was partially open and inside we coud see stacks of chickens merrily eating as they were driven along. Not political rhetoric then, but a chicken truck selling chickens.

So for reasons beyond my simple comprehension these pictures are not posting where I want them to. There’s more to tell you and show you about our wonderful day but it will be on a separate posting.

Our new friend "Yellow Bird"

Our new friend “Yellow Bird”

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