Storm Force Winds and Snow.

Seriously! The weather has gone absolutely nuts.

Yesterday’s return hike from Lissos to Sougia started out well enough, warm and sunny but as we climbed out of the valley onto a high plateau dark grey clouds boiled up and torrential driving rain soon had us soaked. Our jackets held up to the onslaught but we weren’t wearing rain pants so our legs got drenched. The red clay turned into a quagmire of sticky ooze making our shoes heavier and heavier with every step. As soon as we got back into Sougia we headed into the one taverna with a fire place and dried off while devouring bowls of hot soup.

Then the questions. Would the ferry run? Would the ferry run on time? How long would we have to stand outside on a shelterless dock in this cold windy rain waiting? We decided we didn’t like any of the possible scenarios so we got a taxi to take us on to Paleohora.

Up and over the snowing mountains we drove. Yes indeed snow on the peaks and snow beside the road. The temperature a balmy four degrees centigrade.

Today it has been mostly sunny but it is still pretty cold in the wind. That wind is blowing at storm force (a nine on the Beaufort scale). The mountains are looking very pretty and white. The sea is filled with white caps and water spouts and swirles. There was a regional power failure earlier and we’ve seen several large tree branches down. We walked up to a village above Paleochora but stayed on the road as the nearby gorge path is reported to possibly have too much water flowing through it to accommodate walking.

Despite the weather we’re enjoying other aspects of Crete. The food and the people. Both are wonderful. The coastal scenery is fabulous even on a windy day so life is good.

14 thoughts on “Storm Force Winds and Snow.

  1. It still sounds tough going – good on you both LOL It’s rainy and windy here today but the gardens look green and lush and my cheery tree is blooming and my spring clean-up is done. Life is good here too – Cheers – love the pictures and your stories.

    • Hi Wendy, it’s too nice here for life to feel tough! It’s just kinda funny to be wearing a down jacket in Crete. So glad I have it to wear! Glad to here the garden’s looking good! We’re off to the east coast tomorrow – might have warmer weather there. We can but hope!

  2. Just adding my admiration for your eternal optimism! It seems during your travels – despite the delays, extreme weather, or whatever else presents a challenge – you find a little delight around the corner! And I’m sure there are many delights to be had in that fascinating country. These are adventures you’ll no doubt recall together for many years to come…thanks for bringing it all to life through your vivid accounts.
    A gathering storm seems on its way here…

    • Hi Leslie. So good to hear from you! At least here there are no avalanches. Although we did was past an enormous rock slide today. Boulders the size of a small car – covering half the road! The weather is supposed to improve over the next couple of days. So indeed we are staying optimistic. Kathy has however relegated her sun dress to the very bottom of her pack!

  3. Wow! You are certainly experiencing Crete in all weather! Good idea not to take the ferry! On the ferry to Crete is the ONLY time I have been sea sick!! Enjoy!

    • Hi Joyce, you’d have loved the ferry trip from Agia Roumeli to Sougia then! Small crowded cabin! Big bounce. Numerous passengers staggered outside into the mayhem and cold. Thankfully we still have almost a week before sailing back to the main land.

  4. Boy, Linda Mc is certainly an optimist. I am enjoying your posts and glad to be in touch. According to Internet Crete info, the weather is certainly cooler than normal. Am following your route, sort of, and enjoying the panoramic scenery. Watched a bit of a Knowledge program, called Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey and she was on Crete for part of it. Apparently 1400 islands in Greece. Hopefully the weather will turn warmer and be more conducive to hiking. All’s well here. Ozzie says the chooks are fine. Rain forecast today…. thank goddess……a break from weeding. Have some raki for me.

    • Hi Diane. Good to know you’re keeping an eye on our progress! Tomorrow we have a ten hour journey on several busses to Kato Zakros on the eastern coast. Couldn’t go much further! First bus leaves at 7:15. We will have to set the alarm clock. Yuk! Today we had a good hike up into the nearby snow capped,mountains. We did not get rained on although there were a couple of,times I was afraid I’d blow away. Good thing we’ve been eating so much delicious food! As for the Raki – it’s complementary after every meal along with a free dessert. The Raki is pretty nasty stuff. Kathy and I have discovered a slightly finer version made with honey which we enjoy far more. Good to know the Girls are fine. Laying lots I hope. Karin has Natasha now for a few days so you may see her in the park. Enjoy the rest from weeding! Kathy says “hi aunty.” She’s busy checking the location of the nearest grocery store to where we are staying next!

  5. Oh my goodness, aren’t you having the trip! Some of it makes crossing a suspension bridge in Nepal seem quite tame!!
    It’s a good thing you two are such adventures and therefore enjoying everything comes your way. I agree, the people and the scenery are such wonderful aspects of traveling and they are there no matter what the weather.
    It’s been gorgeous here, sunny and warm, but apparently that’s about to change today. It sounds as though Natasha and I will be walking in the rain for a few days. Brian phoned yesterday and he’s bringing her later today. I’m looking forward to having her here!
    Perhaps our getting rain will bring sunshine and warmth on your side of the world… seems only fair. Enjoy your next adventures!

    • Hi Karin, so sorry for the delay in relying – I’ve done so twice and lost my entry both times due to poor internet. So here goes again. I hope you and Natasha are having a good time and enjoying dry walks! Today the winds have abated somewhat and so under a brilliant blue sunny sky it was pleasantly warm. Kathy and I did some painting this afternoon after hiking up a beautiful gorge and taking our shoes off several times to cross the river running through it. It’s all part of the adventure.

  6. All over the weather is intense and changed… you probably haven’t heard how the middle of the States was hit by terrible tornados, one after the other, and continuing torrential rains and snow. And even here in the Valley, we’ve had 4 days (in a row!!) of summer sun and putzing-in-the-garden weather. If your weather on Crete had to turn like this, it’s so much better with someone to share it with. Knowing you guys, it’s an adventure and you’re making the most of it. The world is certainly an interesting place to explore, and you are amazing. I always say, when I get caught in the rain, well… I’m waterproof. And we are… just think of the hot soup and warm clothes as a carrot to motivate you to keep chugging along in those mud caked 10 lb. boots. Well, I’ll start my ordinary day here in a minute… aren’t we all lucky to have such full lives? ENJOY IT ALL. Linda Mc

    • Hi Linda, We haven’t been in contact with the outer world so didn’t know about the weather miseries plaguing the US. Frankly I think the more frequently powerful nations like the US and European countries and Canada get hit with the results of climate change the better. It might result in someone finally realizing we need to take serious action! NOW. Enough of that. Good to know you’ve been enjoying garden time. Today it was beautiful here! Clear blue sky and about 18 degrees! We have the heat o.n in our room this evening but aren’t freezing! And most important, were enjoying it all.

  7. Hi Kim, Crete sounds great! Even the weather is an adventure. We had a great time on Malcolm Island at Easter. The weather was cool and drizzly to start but Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, perfect for hunting Easter eggs. Denton, Nicole, Elliott and Griffin loved the place. They left Easter Monday but Jerry and I stayed on for a couple of days taking advantage of the nice weather to get rid of some junk that had been left at the house, clean plastic gardening buckets for recycling, split and stack fire wood, mow the lawn. Now I am getting ready for Britain.

    Happy hiking, Love, Marianne

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    • Hi Marianne, good to know you had a wonderful Easter at the cottage! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I sure hope your trip to the UK is dry and sunny! We had a great day today. Hiked up a beautiful gorge, quite a bit of stream crossing which was entertaining! Happy trails.

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