Climate Change or Kathy?

Kathy has been telling me about the last time she was in Greece when the weather got really cold and miserable. Well guess what folks? The woman is clearly a weather vane for crazy environmental phenominon! This afternoon as we were finishing our hike the warm sunny skies turned an ominous shade of grey and a cold breeze sprang up.

Since then a veritable storm has erupted. The rain is driving sideways. I’m not sure why it is raining – it is so chilly snow would be a more appropriate form of precipitation. The wind is screaming and moaning and carrying on like a wild monster!

We are of course now coming up with plan F for our egress out of here tomorrow. If this – than maybe that. Will the ferry run? Not too likely. The best idea so far seems to be to fall on our knees and beg someone to drive us out of here to the next village. There is no way a boat can go out in a storm like this – so says Captain George. There are no taxis and there are no busses. Walking is an option – but in this storm – yuk!

Kathy is glued to the weather app on her cell phone. Current temp 6 degrees. Strong wind advisory in effect.

We’ve filled our water bottles with hot water and have them in bed with us for warmth. All part of the adventure! Kathy has put her pretty sun dresses into the very bottom of her pack.

Stand by for further updates from the storm bound Kim and Kathy in Crete!

5 thoughts on “Climate Change or Kathy?

  1. Bummer about the weather but it sounds like you are really getting around anyway. We are enjoying 15 – 17 sunny skies but we know that will change. Had the gang over for Easter ham and toasted you and absent friends. Happy trails which ever path you take!

  2. Hi Judith. Indeed this weather has taken us all by surprise. They had a hard winter here we’ve been told. But the weather we are now experiencing is highly unusual for this time of year. Name me one place on the globe that isn’t suffering from climate change! There is a glimmer of sun at the moment, interspersed with sideways sleet. It is not warm! Have a great trip yourselves. Only fair weather sailing in your forecast I hope! Kathy adds her Bon voyage!

  3. Yup…beautiful here you two. Hmmmm not how I pictured the weather in your area….no longer green with envy!

    But I know you have the grit to “carry on”.

    • Hi Brenda, Glad our weather wows meet with your approval! It snowed last night in the area we’d been walking in yesterday. The wind hammered this village all night as well. There fleeting glimmers of sun this morning between showers of driving sideways sleet and rain. We are cozy in our room and have begun negotiations for a drive by mule track road to the next village.

  4. Well, not quite the vacation I had envisioned you having, but I can think of no two people who could better cope with it…Not sure if I should mention this but it has been very sunny and 16 degrees here today.

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