Greek ferry service

Good thing we like Loutro becasue we’re still here. The ferry schedule indicates two ferries today from here to the next place on our agenda. Remember, we’ve decided to not hike from one village to the next but to ramble around the various villages and take the ferry between. Great plan until there’s suddenly no ferry.
So here we are checked back into our very nice room in Loutro.
We are hoping the ferry will show up tomorrow and that we we will be able to continue. We may yet walk to Agia Roumeli (our next stop) but once there we still need to continue on a second ferry either tomorrow evening or the next evening…… The hike between these next two places is rather more than either of us want to try in a single day.
We had a lovely day despite the change in plans. A hike this morning up into the hills behind the village and down into the next cove, then back over a head land. We passed Roman, Venetian, Saracen, Turkish ruins. The place is steeped in ancient history. Goats and wild flowers in great numbers.
The afternoon while away with a painting expedition up in a flower meadow under the walls of one of the ruins.
Now it’s time for yet another meal. Something has been on the spit all afternoon and it smells really delicious!
Gotta go – Kathy has a major hunger on……..

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