2 April – Our arrival in Hania Crete

Before describing our joy upon finally setting foot in Crete after some 39 hours of travel, let me tell you about last night. This was our second night on the road so to speak and our second without sleep.

We arrived in Athens from Rome at just before 2am. The airport didn’t have any pay by the hour accommodation. The benches in the arrivals hall looked fairly uncomfortable. There is a luxury hotel across the road. We walked over to see if they’d rent us a room for  four hours.

“No madam.” Said the slightly affronted concierge. “This is a luxury hotel we do not rent rooms by the hour.”

There was a lounge just next to the lobby. “Open until 2.” We were informed.

I noticed another room, it looked very enticing with subdued lighting and couches. “The library.” the dear man told us. “It is open all night.”

“So if we sat in there and read a book and fell asleep, would that be a problem?” I asked.

“No that would be just fine.”


During this echange, Kathy was just about dying of embarrassment. She would have just paid for the room and practically begged me to do this.  I just couldn’t do it! We went to the library, unpacked toothbrushes and clean shirts, used the hotel’s very fine restroom to freshen up and made ourselves comfortable. If eye brows were raised – and I’m sure some are being now as you read this – no one came and tossed us out! In fact every effort was made by the staff as they cleaned up next door to be very very quiet.

We didn’t really sleep, but the horizontal position was restful. At 5:30 we were back in the airport eating breakfast and by 8 we had boarded the last of our four flights. I’m sure you can imagine our delight when we touched down in Hania a short time later.

We caught a bus into town. Checked that the buses are running to Sfakia – they are. Good to know for the next leg of our adventure tomorrow. We walked a couple of blocks to our delightful hotel. This place is tucked into the narrow car-less streets of the old town. It is up against the cathedral and surrounded by charming shops and restaurants. A perfect location and itself very quant and comfortable.

We explored the old town and harbour. There is something new to look at around every twisting corner. Buildings centuries old. Charming balconies, bright brained doors. Flowers tucked into pots and crevasses. Cobbled streets, bright colours, warm yellows and burnt oranges. Blue trims. We found two excellent restaurants for lunch and dinner. Delicious meals served with style. Deciding we wanted to have a night cap on our moonlit balcony before turning in for a much desired night’s sleep we went to buy a small bottle of  Limoncello. We only found a large bottle. Asking the store owner if he had smaller ones proved most informative. “Why would you want to drink that when you can drink something local?” He asked as he brought a bottle and two glasses up to the counter from nether regions.

We sipped the local brew. Hmm. Smooth and very acceptable. It’s made from distilling the left over gunk when wine is made. Who knew. Honey is added at some point in the process. We bought a small bottle. No label of course. Back we came to our room. Suddenly we were both so tired we realized we couldn’t handle any more of anything. We were in bed and deeply blissfully asleep within moments.


2 thoughts on “2 April – Our arrival in Hania Crete

  1. I have surfaced after a few rough post chemo days to find several enteries in your wonderful travel log Kim! How I wish I was in the sun on Crete…damn…instead of head in a bucket. Ah well…keep it coming Kim…your wonderful writing is balm to the soul, highly entertaining.and humorous i.e overnight accommodation in the hotel library. what a way to start your trip with the cancelled flights..as is often the case things work out in the ebd.
    You go girl!

    • Hi Brenda. The chemo sounds pretty rough. Perhaps the worse it makes you feel the harder it is fighting the cancer. Take care! Every session completed is one less to endure, every session brings you closer to the end of this round. I’m thinking about you – all strong and positive thoughts!

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