Your flight is cancelled!

What a way to start a new adventure. Just before leaving home I was trying unsuccessfully to print our boarding passes when I received the “I’ve got mail” ding. There is was – the dreaded “your flights been cancelled” message.

Our flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam was on schedule but our onward connection to Athens had been nixed. Ouch! I tried talking to some folks at the customer centre which is located somewhere in the US. This was not a satisfying experience. I’ll not go in to the details in a public forum.

Once we arrived in Vancouver we were assisted by the wonderful KLM miracle worker Mary. We were just two of a huge number of passengers in similar straights, but in very short order Mary had us booked to Athens.

There is, however, a bit of grit in this soothing ointment. Our original flight was to arrive in Athens at 2pm on 1 Apr. We were then catching a bus to the port of Piraeus for an overnight ferry to Chania Crete. There is by the way only one ferry per day to Chania and it leaves at 9pm.

Our current booking has enabled us to “enjoy” a nine hour lay over in Amsterdam. In a couple of hours we will fly to Rome then change planes to carry on to Athens. We will arrive in Athens at 1am on 2 April. A tad late for our ferry.

So….. We are attempting to cancel this first half of our return ferry trip and have booked ourselves a flight to Crete. We should now arrive in Crete about 3 hours later than originally planned. Not a bad recovery!

Today in Amsterdam it is pretty cold and windy! We took the bus to the Rijks Museum which was crazy busy! Lineups everywhere for everything. Entry, food, checking back packs and coats, special exhibits. Thankfully we’d bought our entry tickets at the airport so didn’t have to stand in a really long entry line in the really chilly wind.

The exhibits are wonderful. Lots of gold and silver and pottery artifacts, furniture, canons, spears, models, jewels and of course a huge selection of works of Dutch painters. We “Did” some magnificent Rembrants and various others before suddenly being simply too tired to walk another step. We both snoozed on the bus back to the airport.

Perhaps not the most relaxing way to begin a trip but KLM has looked after us well. We are flying the rest of today’s flights business class. This included the special rapid line through security which in itself was rather nice.

There you have it folks, the first of the missives from Kim and Kathy’s adventures in Crete and Kea

5 thoughts on “Your flight is cancelled!

  1. Happy Trails – Greece was one of my most favourite places to be – I hope all goes a little closer to your plans! Happy Easter by the way – be safe. Wendy

    • Besides the slow internet, we’ve got no complaints. We’re at the very start of the season so the villages which have been closed up all winter are just waking up so to speak. Lots of clean up happening. New coats of white wash and bright blue trim. New table cloths, everything being made ready for the tourist season.

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