27 November – Back in Town

Oh my! Karin and I have enjoyed our wee luxury vacation. We had a wood stove in our room! So needless to say, as it was cool up in the hills, we had a toasty fire both nights. The full board package provided way more than either of us needed to eat. But as the food was delicious, we consumed, with gusto, everything put in front of us! We did go for walks both days but as we did this at a snails pace while indulging in a picture taking frenzy, I’m not sure it did us much good from a purely exercise point of view! However from the camera lens point of view the walks were delightful!

Our taxi came at the appointed time and whisked us back down to Kathmandu – a distance of about 30 kms in a speedy 21/2 hours! No that isn’t a typing error. 30 kilometres in two and a half hours. Part of that lengthy time is due to the dreadful roads. Part is due to the SAARC summit which continues to cause various major roads to be closed to local traffic. Thus we needed to take a rather circuitous detour through the side streets of Kathmandu. Always fascinating.

Nagarkot Farmhouse Resort A very pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life in Kathmandu.

Nagarkot Farmhouse Resort
A very pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life in Kathmandu.


2 thoughts on “27 November – Back in Town

  1. Hi Wendy, R&R is always a good thing in my book! Now back in Kathmandu we’ve had a day of shopping fun and go to school for the next three days. Then a final day of sightseeing before flying home. A good trip always seems to come to an end too quickly. But Christmas festivities will help with any re-entry blues I’m sure. Looking forward to seeing you. Guess we’ll have to get our heads together re the Canopy pretty quick too. Now that’s jumping back into the fire for sure!

  2. Looks absolutely marvellous Kim – sounds like you needed some R & R after all those mountain walks – whew! See you soon. Wendy

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