Karin and I are ready to start school…….but……..

Some of you will remember that I arrived here last year to spend a month at the school to discover it was closed for holidays for most of this time. Now this closure had been on the national holiday calendar for months so it was very anoying.

This week Kathmandu is hosting a SAARC summit and as a result there is considerable security and trafic reduction programs going on in the city. And schools are closed for four days. It turns out that the school closures were announced a mere two days in advance. No comment….. This is after all a fairly public forum. Those of you who know me well, can well imagine that I do have plenty of comments. You also know that most are fairly inappropriate.

So what to do? Well Karin and I are not a pair to let moss grow under our feet so we are enjoying a little R&R at a hill-top resort in Nagarkot. This place is a bit isolated from the nearby town so we’ve booked full room and board, with set organic meals from the resort gardens. We are surrounded by lush gardens, sunny little patios, stunning panoramic views of the Himalaya range to the north, clean air and bird song has replaced the racket of car, bus, and motorcycle horns. We’re here for two nights and are also enjoying much improved internet! We may go walking tomorrow or we may just chill here. It’s certainly nice enough so there’s not much incentive to go anywhere else!

Good night from Kim and Karin in Nagarkot

2 thoughts on “Karin and I are ready to start school…….but……..

  1. Hi Kathy, you may have found Lhamu’s kitchen a little under equipped! What a cool idea to paint it. Wouldn’t that make an amazing gift to take upon my return there. Thanks for a marvellus idea! As for our spa weekend. Well this morning began with a 6am wake up call to all rooms so we could dutifully step out into the chill predawn, onto our respective balconies, to admire the sun rise over the Himal to the north of us! Pretty awesome way to begin the day! We think we need a brisk walk this morning to wear off the enormous dinner of last night! Then I do believe the afternoon sun will claim us and we’ll simply sit and soak in the warmth. Every room here has a wood burning stove which was lit for us last night before bed. We were also given hot water bottles for our beds which are covered with the softest thickest lightest feather quilts ever. Kind of blissful.

  2. Greetings Kim & Karin!
    Thoroughly enjoying following your blog and love the photos. I laughed out loud at the photo of you two buried in marigolds & khatas; you look beautiful & at home in your Nepalese dress Kim – suits you! and I’m captivated by the photo of Lhamu, with her beautiful smile as she tends to cooking in such a rudimentary kitchen. That photo also has so many earthy colours & textures – begging to be subject matter for a painting.
    Often on this trip you have stepped out of your comfort zone and gone with the flow. I so admire you for that! I agree with the Judith & Phillip that you may Comox Valley to be on the rather boring side.
    Good on you for embracing this latest change of plans and treating yourself to our equivalent of a spa weekend.
    hugs to you both!

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