30 October

Well who knew there’d wifi in rustic little Tadapani. Not sure how good it will be but I’ll try to make a post. It hasn’t poured rain this afternoon but it sure has been foggy since about noon. Thankfully we arrived at our guest house about noon as well. I’m in a small crowded dinning room which is wonderfully warm due to a wood burning stove. We are well below the tree line here so there appears to be quite a lot of burnable wood. It’s really nice to not be shivering while sitting around reading, playing cards, writing etc.

I forgot to tell you about some of the vegetation we walked through a couple of days ago. The bamboo forests continued but we also walked past orange orchards and banana trees and the gardens teaming with exotic lilies which we’d consider tender house plants! Of course there are also the ever-present marigolds. They are perennial here and many get to be quite tall. The scents from the oranges and the marigolds are quite strong and pleasantly fresh especially when the air is warm or when it rains.

We are now higher again so no oranges or bananas at the moment, but today’s walk took us through quite dense forests of enormous rhododendron trees mixed with maple and chestnut. The leaves are beginning to change colour so the otherwise solid green cloaking of the steep hillsides is dispersed with gentle orange and yellow hues. And these hillsides are really steep! All we did today was walk steeply up or steeply down. There were no flat bits at all. Most of this up and down was via stone stair cases. Some have fairly comfortable rises, others not so much. In a few places the stair cases have been damaged by land slides. Due to the heavy rain over the past couple of afternoons these parts of the trail were slick with treacherous mud! I managed to stay on my feet but was very happy to have my walking poles to aid in the process of negotiating today’s trail.

Tadapani is a tiny hamlet but is at the junction of three trekking routes. As a result it is packed with trekkers. I’m really glad we got here as early as we did as there are currently quite a number of people milling around presumably with no place to rest their weary bodies. It sounds like this situation will prevail as we contine up to the Sanctuary. Many trekkers who were planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit changed their plans when Thorlung Las was closed due to the resent deaths up there. So now everyone in converging here. Hmm. If it gets too hectic we may change our focus a bit.. Meanwhile just taking this adventure one day at a time and will see what unfolds.

Good night from Tadapani (2630 metres)

7 thoughts on “30 October

  1. Love the pictures – you look very healthy – your room looked very much like the one I stayed in – in Naples! Never mind – inside sounds good ! Can hardly wait to see your new photo book from this. Love and safe wishes – W.

  2. Hello Kim,
    No matter what is thrown your way you have the capacity to enjoy it all…trekking up, trekking down, interesting and “simple’ accommodation, unexpected Wii fi, rain, wind, sun etc etc. You are truly, fully living your life friend! I love all your descriptions…sights, smells, Trek on safely.
    Off to celebrate my 70th…happy me!

    • Good morning Linda. Happy hallowe’en. It’s not celebrated here but no doubt I’ll see more than enough to amaze me even without costume fun. Time to haul myself out of my warm sleeping bag. Can you believe it – as my “room” is above the dinning room I have wifi in bed! Now that’s a first for me here in nepal for sure. The disadvantage of being above the dinning room is the racket that’s been going on down there for about an hour. But daylight is fast approaching- it’s 6am. My breakfast will soon be served and then we’ll be away on today’s trek. I think this is an up and up day! As long as it’s not another down and down I don’t really mind!

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