Home coming

My arrival yesterday evening in Nepal was full of warm fuzzy feeling. Both Tendi and Binod met me at the airport. Despite hugs not being culturally normal here they were exchanged before the traditional greeting katas placed around my neck.  At the hotel the welcome was equally warm.  My room on the top floor  was very inviting after 23 hours of travel and no sleep. The bed has a new mattress!  But first a beer or three to be shared. My Seacliff road neighbour’s (Theresa and Brian) niece Sarah is here too. Theresa introduced Sarah and me a couple of months ago so I could talk with her about things to do in Nepal. She’s been here for a few days but we spent today shopping and having a generally good time. Tendi took us dress shopping with his daughter Phulu this morning. He takes the job of guide to a whole new level of service I must say. Sarah and I visited Budnath and while there had two funny monk encounters when we were in one of the temples. First  a monk who was praying  called us over for a chat. I recognized him as the monk who fixed Jackie’s singing bowl last year. He turned out to not be praying but playing with his I phone! As we were leaving from our little chat with him, another monk asked  us up to see the upper level temple. So up we went and the guy was too slick for words! Quick as a wink we were having ourselves blessed with little braclets being tied around our wrists and our foreheads being tapped with beads and various chants being mumbled. Of course there’s a small donation for this service. We happily obliged. The guy sure was a good operavtor! As we both leave on our respective treks in the morning I guess the blessing was timely! We stopped in to visit some of my shop friends and were welcomed with smiles and tea. Then dinner at my favourite restaurant.  Again enthusiastic greetings and the general feeling of a home coming was complete. So now I’m off to bed after a wonderful first day back in kathmandu. Tomorrow I leave on my trek. We’re taking a private car instead of the bus due to ….. I’m not sure exactly…… Various friends of Tendi’s going trek guiding so it is more economical to take a car and driver than ride the bus. No arguments from me that’s for sure.

Not sure when or where the next wifi will be that will enable a blog – you’ll know almost as soon as I do. I’ll try to keep you posted on what promises to be a unique and no doubt memorable adventure.

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