Spys are us

Fact – there are more spys in Washington DC than in any other city in the world. Now how would  someone actually know this? Aren’t spys supposed to be secretive and unknown? Well whatever – Washington claims to have numerous spys and today we went to the international spy museum. It covered the history of spy craft right back to ancient  times. It was a fun museum with lots of interactive stuff to do. We even crawled through vents a

bove some of the exhibit rooms! That was pretty fun but odd! We had cover names assigned upon entry and  were  to remember our cover stories throughout our time there. There was a lot of interesting history intermingled with fun activities such as defusing bombs – not real ones thank goodness. It took me three trys to diffuse my bomb without blowing up myself and who knows what else! We broke codes and our observations skills were tested. All in all it was quite entertaining!

The rest of the day was spent on our hop on and off trolly and we’ve now seen just about every site there is to be seen in Washington. It’s been a very busy couple of days!



This is my cover - don't tell anyone please

This is my cover – don’t tell anyone please

The Capitol.

The Capitol.

4 thoughts on “Spys are us

  1. Crawling through vents and dismantling bombs…what an adventure! It all sounds wonderful.
    I don’t know if you’re checking email, Kim, but i just sent you one regards our trip in Nepal. Hope you can get to it.

    • Hi Karin – yes received your nepal Email morning and replied. The International Spy museum really was a great visit. Not one of the Smithsonian’s but worth the admittance fee. While there was a lot of real spy info and displays there were also all these interactive parts to every exhibit which enhanced the experience! There was even a station where you could try to break a simple enigma code. Which I failed to do. We left there looking for hostile survailance and drop box marks! Saw nothing untoward but we sure were more aware of how many cameras are constantly looking at people and vehicles in cities. It’s not all just the stuff of fiction.

  2. What an education, in so many ways! It’s a good thing you’re blogging so you can remember down the road all you did….I too marvel at your collective energy and all you’re packing in. Great to hear about your activities – both visits to known hot spots and not so known!

    • Good morning Leslie. You are right – the entire trip was an education and that is always a positive thing. Travelling with Kerri gave a fresh and enthusiastic perspective on almost everything we saw and did. I expected to enjoy the trip but didn’t expect to find New York or Washington as engaging was they were. I’d go back to both cities. Partly for the museums and theatre but also because I found every person we met to be so pleasant and friendly. Sometimes big cities can become like a massive hive and the individual is lost in the general swarm but not so for us. Often if a fellow passenger heard us discussing where to get off or which platform to get on at – they would stop and provide directions and friendly advice without us even needing to ask. I hope we Canadians treat our visitors as well. I’m thinking there needs to be a women’s New York theatre trip in the not too distant future…

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