The national everything

What to do on a warm sunny day in the US capital? Here’s a few suggestions. Depart one’s apartment at 9 (or just before) which is very civilized and grab the sub way downtown. The Washington subways are ultra modern and very pleasant compared the New York subways. Grab one of those hop-on hop-off trolley tours. Hop off at the White House and walk the entire perimeter which is quite a distance as one isn’t allowed too close. Hop back on the trolly and off again at the National air and space museum. Try out a fighter plane flight simulator and get well and truly nauseated from several upside down air manuovers. Be proud not to have crashed the thing. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise! Continue exploring the museum and end the visit by actually touching a real moon rock. Very cool.  Have a picnic lunch from a food stand. Walk a little more and hop back on the trolly. Go to Arlington cemetary and walk along the pathways to visit President Kennedy’s grave then continue walking up to the tomb of the unknown soldier and watch the changing of the guard. Walk back to the bus and take it to the Lincoln memorial. Do some more walking around and climb all those step to see the enormous statue within and have a marvellous view across the reflecting pool to the Washington monument and the Capital building. Down all the steps and walk over to the National Vietnam memorial. Continue walking down the National Mall past the Washington monument to the National American History museum. Walk around in there for an hour or so checking out all sorts of fabulous exhibits including the original Stars and Stripes flag. Amaze yourself by singing the American national anthem – just because it seems like an appropriate thing to do at the moment. Leave that museum and walk a block to the National Natural Hisorty museum and walk around in there for an hour or so. See the Hope Diamond and a host of stuffed animals and gems and lord knows what all. Then realize it is almost 6pmand that 9 hours of hard core touristing has created a significant state of exhaustion. Head home on the subway, stopping for a pub dinner near ones apartment. Pop into a local store for a bottle of wine and climb up the three flights of stairs to ones little abode and colapse. Oh yes! What a day!


The white house

The white house

The view from the Lincoln monument across the reflecting pool to the Washington monument and the Capitol beyond.

The view from the Lincoln monument across the reflecting pool to the Washington monument and the Capitol beyond.


Kerri having a presidential moment at the Nationa American History museum

Kerri having a presidential moment at the Nationa American History museum

7 thoughts on “The national everything

  1. That picture of Kerri cracked Brian and I up. Too funny! Glad to read you guys are having a great time. If I don’t talk to you before, have a wonderful time in Nepal!

    • Hey krista, isn’t that just the perfect Kerri! She was enthusiastic about just about everything we did! It was so much fun travelling with her. She cracked me up several times every day! I have to say I really love that picture – she was in mid stream and completely unaware I was taking it because she’d just spied herself on the “news” screen above the Tele-prompter.

  2. I was ready to collapse just reading about all that you did! It’s wonderful that all three of you have the stamina to fit everything in. I love the picture of Kerri looking ‘presidential’!!!

  3. You 3 know how to do the tourist thing! As much as we like to make fun of Americans, it is pretty cool to see the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the National Vietnam Memorial. They know how do do it up right don’t they. Loving your blogs Kim…keep ’em coming. Hi to Kerri and Ann.

    • Oh yes – we were the ULTIMATE tourists! Complete with New York t-shirts. And me boldly strolling with camera swung around my neck! Back packs and running shoes, guide books and maps clutched in our hands. And of course that sort of crazed stare! “Oh look at that! Wow!” We three definitely had the tourist vibe!

    • Will you be visiting Washington too Brenda? What a beautiful city! Even as a non-American those buildings and memorials are significant and impressive. I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to visit. The Smithsonian museums are just amazing – what a gift to people to be able to see so much history, art and natural wonders for free! We went into three in just two days, plus the spy museum, plus the bus tours, and tramping up and down the national mall! A tourist Mecca!

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