Washington, D.C. better late than never

Kim and Anne enjoying a beer on the train to Washington

Kim and Anne enjoying a beer on the train to Washington

We did the hail a cab thing this  morning and it worked like a charm. Just like in the movies! At Penn station chaos reigned. But we were forewarned so took evasive action and enlisted the services of a red cap person who became our personal assistant and got us to our train and seated before the masses. There was a two hour delay with our train so we got into Washington later than we’d hoped. The taxi to our apartment was quick and we are just a 15 minute walk from the zoo so we still had time to get there and see the pandas. Oh my they are so very cute! I took lots of video but it seems video can’t be added to this blog so you’ll jut have to take my word for it. After the zoo we found an sports bar with no less than 20 big tv screens. A Bit noisy but tastey food. And now here we are on floor three of a walk up brownstone. It’s a really nice place and the location is perfect.  Good night from the spy capital of the world and stand by for clandestine reports from the Capitol.

One thought on “Washington, D.C. better late than never

  1. Look forward to the Videos of the pandas once we both get home!
    By the way, Colleen dropped off her Christmas party invitation today for 6:30 PM on December 4. I guess we will be using toothpicks to keep our eyelids open at the party!

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