Last day in the big apple

How fast can time rush by? Seems hard to believe that we’ve been here for a week and that today was our last in the big apple. We figure we’ve taken a pretty big bite out of it! This morning we hung out in the apartment because it was really pouring and we had no definite plan until our third Broadway show – Pippin – in the afternoon. At noon we headed out walking in the rain to an enormous church called Saint John the Divine. A very plain church but it had the most interesting display of two enormous Phoenix made out of scraps of building materials. That sounds hideous but they were very beautiful. The fact that one of them had a head made of a cement mixer just didn’t seem plausible when viewing the overall spectacular effect. We caught the subway down to Times Square for our last time, then into the theatre for a very disappointing, weak, uninspired lack-lustre performance. Perhaps we are getting spoiled, but seriously – don’t waste your time or money on Pippin. There was some great acrobatics and the tunes were catchy but the story line was outstandingly lame. We exited to find sun shining once again! So after a quick recee of Penn Station so we know the lay of the land for tomorrow, we headed to Central Park for ice cream and a wander. We wandered until dark then caught a bus home to our corner tavern. The place was rocking, we had a delicious dinner and a great beer we’ve discovered – Shock Top – sort of citrusy and served with a slice of orange. Now we are sorting ourselves out for a morning departure. Next stop Washington DC. Sorry no pictures this evening as I went and packed my picture downloading “thingy” – tomorrow.

Good night from the big apple. And for those of you who are wondering….. Yes I loved it here. This city took me by surprise – I anticipated coping with its noise and rush and general mayhem but have been pleasantly surprised by a clean, friendly, easy to navigate city. Thank you New York for being so much fun! Thank you Kerri for inviting me to share your dream vacation! Thank you Anne for being the chief planner and subway guru.

One thought on “Last day in the big apple

  1. well done you three travelers…yes indeedy you took a BIG bite out of the apple. Hope you left enough behind for us to chew on! New York is very cool and am so glad your visit was a success.Next stop Washington D.C…….

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