When a is for amateur and aweful

Just need to tell you that while I’m happy to have visited the famous Apollo Theatre, and that it is a pretty fabulous old place, the “performances” last night were for the large part aweful. I’d have thought there would have been some sort of screening process, prerequisites or something to protect the public from such lack of talent, but apparently not. There was one woman who sang really well. She won – no contest really considering who she was up against. Our pre show dinner at our local Harlem tavern however was excellent and we plan on returning in a couple of nights.

And here’s a shot of the bakery we visited yesterday….

Within Carlo's bakery the treats are varied and we sampled several. All were delicious!

Within Carlo’s bakery the treats are varied and we sampled several. All were delicious!

4 thoughts on “When a is for amateur and aweful

  1. HI Kim,
    We got back late on Monday so I’m just catching up. Many thanks for doing the blog again – it’s great to keep up with your adventures, whether urban or “rural”. I was interested that you enjoyed the Lion King because both Philip and I were really disappointed and a bit bored when we saw it last year. Mind you, we saw “War Horse” in London this time and while Philip loved it (and wept copiously) I felt it was really clever but rather contrived. So we all see things differently.
    It’s a real shock being back in a rather chilly Comox (around 16 degrees) after the warmth of England (around 22 degrees) and of course we have had to adjust our sleep patterns and catch up on a host of chores. But it has been great to let others share our adventures and in turn to enjoy yours while enjoying hot running water and forced air heating (Nepal, not NY), so keep writing!

    • Hi Judith, welcome home – chilly as it may be. About the Lion King – the thing that I was most impressed with was the actual production more than the story line. I loved the costuming and the combination of puppetry with human. Yes for sure the story line and of course musical score are predictable but the rest I found to be pure magic and design genius. While I’ve seen numerous more interesting plays, ballets, operas, musicals etc, in far finer venues – the costuming of Lion King absolutely impressed me. And – well what can I say – I like the score. When the boys were small this was one of their favourite movies. The four of us sang Lion King songs many times and the songs invoke happy memories. So perhaps I’m a tad biased !

  2. Kim… I’m really enjoying reading about your New York experiences… you are seeing SO many great things. One thing I found fascinating was a free tour given by the ‘strata council of Manhatten residents’ or something like that, of Grand Central Station… it’s history, little quirks, and tour. I saw the brochure in my hotel lobby. But I don’t think you have one more minute to spare. Isn’t it a fabulous city!!. Linda

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