Little things I forgot to tell you..

You’ve been getting a day by day play but I’ve forgotten to mention a few things.

When we visited Central Park we stopped at the Bathesda Fountain. I’m madly taking pictures when suddenly I notice a fully clothed fellow in the fountain. His back is to us and he is in the middle where water falling upon him.  He is washing his private bits. Yes having good old scrub down! Once finished with his allusions he begins collecting coins people have tossed into the water. The guy has standards though and seems to be tossing the forgien denominations out onto the ground.

Today on the subway we saw a fellow with a bowler hat and bow tie, pin striped suit – very sharp, especially the loud blue and white striped socks. This fellow was busy chatting away to himself. We figured he was rehearsing a presentation of some kind. This afternoon there was another very peculiar fellow with enormous 1980s glasses and he was having a full-on two sided conversation with himself. It was fastinating. Kerri figures the second guy was schizophrenic. I agree. Kerri has just told me there are a lot of those people in New York. Well maybe so. But I must say we have met a great many kind, helpful people here!

Last night at the Apollo, I forgot to tell you about the best act. It was at intermission when a few people came from the audience to dance. There were some young women all dancing the same dance up on stage when grandma Moses joined them. She looked just like a bag lady gangster and must have been well into her 80s. There she was just a swinging in time with the rest. And boy did she have the rhythm and the moves. She was awesome! Most people were out of their seats for the intermission but those of us who saw her gave her the resounding round of applause she well deserved. For me it was the highlight of the evening.

We’ve had amazing luck with meals out. We seem to fall upon local eateries which are so fantastic. As Anne says,  “this is authentic New York, there’s not a tourist in sight.” Today after walking the Brooklyn Bridge (the fist way) we discovered a fabulous NYPD  coffee (that’s said “cawffee”) and pizza place. By lunch time we were in China town and Anne had to learn Chinese  to order lunch!

We’re grabbing a bite to eat at our apartment before heading off to see Cinderella.

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