Up town, east side, west side, up side ….

We’ve just returned to our apartment after an 11 hour day of full-on touristing in the city. A hop-on-hop-off bus tour although we didn’t hop off. Then the Rockefeller centre observation deck and lunch followed by dessert at the Plaza – just because. Next a two and a half hour pedi cab tour of Central Park with many opportunities to explore various scenic bits on foot. Dinner near Times Square for a whopping $15.00 including a beer. Not a tourist in sight – definitely the after work office crowd. Then back up the Rockefeller for a view of the after dark city lights before grabbing the subway home to the apartment. Stoped first at “our” corner store for a bit more libation. We are now known at the store so the prices are dropping. Funny how that works. All in all a truly fantastic day. Kerri is just loving the whole thing. She’s a fountain of movie knowledge so hearing about where all the stars have their penthouses on the west side is right up her alley. (New wealth lives on the west side – old wealth on the east side.)
I know I prommised pictures but may not do that tonight as I’m exhausted. Didn’t I say that yesterday? Good night.

7 thoughts on “Up town, east side, west side, up side ….

  1. What a fantastic city – last time I was there in 1973 we felt really safe even in Greenwich Village at 2:00 am. Glad to hear you are really seeing everything.

  2. Opps, must be the old memory cells dying, I meant to say ‘Sleepless in Seattle, for the movie I was referring to in reference to having gone to the Empire State Building! I don’t know why I thought ‘You have Mail’ had anything to do with that! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Carol. Oh yes we have “Sleepless in Seattle” on the “Kerri radar”. Also “Miracle on 34th St” and “Home Alone 2 Lost in New York”. This is why Kerri wanted to visit New York! I think we have now hit all the relevant film locations! And yes we’re going to the Met and the Tenament museums. Three more museums in Washington later in the week. We’re being mindful to not overload Kerri with irrelevant stuff for her areas of interest and comprehension. She got a kick out of visiting Macy’s and I got a kick out of shopping there – perfect! We’re doing three Broadway shows and tonight are going to Amateur Night at the Apollo. Sure is an amazing city….

  3. Hi Kim I’m re living my 2009 visit to NY through your blog. We did the hop on hop off three day pass too. There is one route near central park they call the museum mile that we took. We managed to see ‘the Met’ and one other while there. They are huge and you could actually be in them for days to see everything. While you’re in the Times Square area there are a number of interesting stores. We went into one huge toy store that had a three story ferris wheel that was working with children riding on it. Another store had two stories, all candy. I think it was smarties but I can’t remember. It’s been awhile. We went to the top of the Empire State Building as well and that was pretty awesome. Especially after seeing that well known movie, You Have Mail. We did the same thing you’re doing, going out all day and not much at night. We ate some great lunches. I remember taking one of the harbor cruise tours too and it was a 3 hour trip where we went down the Hudson and saw where the plane had landed in the river that made international news at the time. It also took us past the Statue of Liberty. If I were to go again, I would try to get in to some of the talk shows there. Kelly and Micheal, The View or one of the late night shows. I think that would be an interesting experience to be in the audience. Anyway that’s my input for now. I’m glad you’re having fun!

  4. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading about everything you did! No wonder you’re too tired to post pictures, but I’m looking forward to them when you have the time and energy!

  5. Hello again Kim. What a busy busy threesome you are! Avidly reading your blog so we can benefit from your experience. Now I know what the “Rock” is…of course, the Rockefeller Centre…DUH! We tried to book our Tenement tour but Nov. is “greyed out”..so have emailed to see what gives…our luck they are closed in Nov…wouldn’t think so though. How is the weather there? Have been looking at Brooklyn sights online..I think we will spend some time there as have been to Manhatten before. I can see that having Kerri with you is a definite asset!
    Travel well you 3.

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