The big apple

Well day one in the Big Apple was exhausting – due mostly to being tired from taking the red eye last night and of course not sleeping. Before I tell you about our first impressions of New York, let me share a little joy Kerri brought us. When she checked in she told the West Jet agent this was a dream trip of her life time. So we got upgraded to a “plus” seat with free wine for the first leg. Not a long one. Just Comox to Calgary but still it was a nice treat. Thank you West Jet! Thank you Kerri! So we had dinner in Calgary and breakfast in Toronto and lunch when we got to New York.

The Americans have their customs clearance procedures in Toronto. Am I the only person who thinks this is weird?  The upside of having to deal with the rudeness of American customs agents while still in my own country is that arrival here was swift. We were at our apartment by 11:30 having landed less than 45 minutes previously.  Wonderful!

But – downside – the previous people renting this place were still the current people when we arrived. They were blissfully sleeping thought their 11am check out. So after a lot of bell ringing we finally woke them up and they let us in while they got themselves packed. The cleaning lady arrived and was a bit confused  but it was all sorted out. We went grocery shopping while she cleaned the place. And then we bought our subway passes and went downtown!

Times Sqare is crazy busy but entertaining. There were naked women only “wearing” painted outfits – peculiar. One was young and firm but the other – well naked  saggyness is just wrong  on a major public street. After buying our theatre tickets for the coming week’s Broadway shows, we joined crowds of New Yorkers and had a picnic dinner in Bryant Park, then took a bus tour to see the Manhattan skyline at night. Really very impressive. We are also impressed by how friendly the native New Yorkers are.

We’re now  settled into our odd but appealing Harlem apartment with beers purchased at our corner store chilling in the fridge.  Can barely keep my eyes open so will close for today. Pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow. Good night from the Big Apple.

3 thoughts on “The big apple

  1. Hi from rainy Comox Valley! You packed a lot in your first day Kim, especially given the way your day started.. There’s SO MUCH to take in – a bit of overload to the senses, in a fun way.
    Looking forward to next post.

  2. Hi Kim, Yikes…..they hadn’t vacated the apartment!? Glad it got all sorted out. So I WILL wear my clothes in Times Square…Rick will be sooo relieved. We, too, found the New Yorkers very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to more updates and any hints you have to offer us. Well done Kerri…can we borrow her when we fly??
    How is New York’s weather and temperature? I was correct in remembering we tried to do the Tenement museum but it was closed for some reason when we were there..We will try to book a tour tomorrow..We did see Ellis Island however.
    Mr and Mrs Precision have been in the garden pruning errant limbs and lopping off dead flower heads. Beautiful sunny Fall day here today.
    That is it for now. Adios dear friend.

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