Up town, east side, west side, up side ….

We’ve just returned to our apartment after an 11 hour day of full-on touristing in the city. A hop-on-hop-off bus tour although we didn’t hop off. Then the Rockefeller centre observation deck and lunch followed by dessert at the Plaza – just because. Next a two and a half hour pedi cab tour of Central Park with many opportunities to explore various scenic bits on foot. Dinner near Times Square for a whopping $15.00 including a beer. Not a tourist in sight – definitely the after work office crowd. Then back up the Rockefeller for a view of the after dark city lights before grabbing the subway home to the apartment. Stoped first at “our” corner store for a bit more libation. We are now known at the store so the prices are dropping. Funny how that works. All in all a truly fantastic day. Kerri is just loving the whole thing. She’s a fountain of movie knowledge so hearing about where all the stars have their penthouses on the west side is right up her alley. (New wealth lives on the west side – old wealth on the east side.)
I know I prommised pictures but may not do that tonight as I’m exhausted. Didn’t I say that yesterday? Good night.

The big apple

Well day one in the Big Apple was exhausting – due mostly to being tired from taking the red eye last night and of course not sleeping. Before I tell you about our first impressions of New York, let me share a little joy Kerri brought us. When she checked in she told the West Jet agent this was a dream trip of her life time. So we got upgraded to a “plus” seat with free wine for the first leg. Not a long one. Just Comox to Calgary but still it was a nice treat. Thank you West Jet! Thank you Kerri! So we had dinner in Calgary and breakfast in Toronto and lunch when we got to New York.

The Americans have their customs clearance procedures in Toronto. Am I the only person who thinks this is weird?  The upside of having to deal with the rudeness of American customs agents while still in my own country is that arrival here was swift. We were at our apartment by 11:30 having landed less than 45 minutes previously.  Wonderful!

But – downside – the previous people renting this place were still the current people when we arrived. They were blissfully sleeping thought their 11am check out. So after a lot of bell ringing we finally woke them up and they let us in while they got themselves packed. The cleaning lady arrived and was a bit confused  but it was all sorted out. We went grocery shopping while she cleaned the place. And then we bought our subway passes and went downtown!

Times Sqare is crazy busy but entertaining. There were naked women only “wearing” painted outfits – peculiar. One was young and firm but the other – well naked  saggyness is just wrong  on a major public street. After buying our theatre tickets for the coming week’s Broadway shows, we joined crowds of New Yorkers and had a picnic dinner in Bryant Park, then took a bus tour to see the Manhattan skyline at night. Really very impressive. We are also impressed by how friendly the native New Yorkers are.

We’re now  settled into our odd but appealing Harlem apartment with beers purchased at our corner store chilling in the fridge.  Can barely keep my eyes open so will close for today. Pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow. Good night from the Big Apple.

Writing blogs off line

So here’s my getting ready to blog off-line story of frustration. And please – if there’s anyone who knows a better way – let me know! I’m sure I’m pretty much a Luddite! My kids sure think I’m as non-technical as a prehistoric being.

The iPad app “Blogger” enables a person to blog off-line. But it’s limitations are that it is impossible to use other than photos taken with the iPad – a very cumbersome and inconvenient photo taking device. Another downside is that in order to automatically “follow” a “blogger” blog one needs to have a gmail account.

Solution – use the more universal and – in my opinion – better WordPress blog format. WordPress enables the user to take photos from their photo library, thus pictures taken with one’s camera, and downloaded onto the iPad. Anyone with any email address can follow a WordPress blog. But downside of WordPress is that one needs to be on-line to use it.

For those of you who don’t travel to remote areas where there is no Internet or poor slow Internet or seriously scary expensive Internet, that would not be a problem. However as I travel to places where there is no, or very poor, and very slow and sometimes poor-slow-expensive Internet – well the solution seems to be to blog off-line then post when the posting options are optimal.

So at cost, despite already having “word” on my computer, I downloaded “word” as a word processing format onto my iPad.

Here I am using this. It is easy to copy and paste with an iPad. So after typing up my off-line blog, I tested the copy and paste process. And here’s where the frustration level skyrockets. With the iPad keyboard all that happens is that the entire blog post gets copied into the title bar of the WordPress blog. Seriously! There appears to be no way to make the paragraph body section acknowledge the paste function.

Serious grumbling. What to do?

Well you know those add-on key boards that some people have – which are separate from the iPad? If one uses this external key board the copy paste function works just fine.

So here I am – to blog or not to blog? If I blog of-line I need yet another device. One which needs periodic charging. Another “thing” to be carted along and added to the veritable mountain of electronic gadgetry! It is a bit of a dilemma for sure. Thankfully my son is loaning me his keyboard so I don’t need to go out and buy one.

So readers of kimsglobaladventures – if more blogs come your way between now and my departure – please bare with me as they are all practice runs. And if you hear no more from me – rest assured I’ve gone back to the simple days of pen and paper. You shall need to buy the book to know what happens in Nepal this go round.