Off into the deep blue sea

No picture today, just an up date that I’m off today for a two week cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on the “Oasis of the Seas”.

however first an anecdote.

a fellow at the hotel – which is the Ramada and is a dump – noticed a bunch of SAR techs – we have these round-the-neck name tags. He want up to one and said he’d known a guy who became a SAR tech – Mike Simpson. The person he spoke to said no Mike wasn’t here, but his widow was. The guy came and found me. Turns out he served with Mike in the RCD in Germany and he remembered me coming to do PE in the mornings with them. He recalled I “ran their asses into the ground”. I actually don’t recall that – my recollection was the other way around. Still the point is how small a world and how nice that he took the time to come say hello.

SO on that positive note begins this segment of the adventure.

One thought on “Off into the deep blue sea

  1. Hi Kim – hope you enjoy the cruise despite your initial reservations.  All is going smoothly here….Jan better, my kids moved to their own house in Comox, spring break over with & back to babysitting tomorrow.  Not long now since Steph is due in 6 or 7 weeks.  Liked your riding photos…..great shots


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