Trekking on and in a glacier


So how very cool is this. Me and two of our three guides are inside an ice tunnel within the glacier. We spent the morning tramping around the glacier – mostly on its surface which seemed to be either ups or downs with not too much level ground. As you can see we were wearing crampons for the obvious reason – the glacier was very slippery! The ups were fairly easy but the downs took some getting used to. Crampons do not work like skis for obvious reasons.  My mantra was “trust the crampons, trust the crampons” a slip would not have been fun. In some of the steeper sections the guides cut steps into the ice with the ice axes – for which I was most grateful.

6 thoughts on “Trekking on and in a glacier

    • Hi penny, glad your enjoying. I’m in Fort Lauderdale now ready to start the next phase. The cruise. Will not blog that as Internet on the boat is too expensive. See you in a couple of weeks.

  1. Kim… what wonderful photos once again. You are doing activities that I would never be doing, and it’s enviable. What a feeling to accomplish your trip and just get into it all and see what you’re made of (which is positive and strong stuff I know). Have a safe trip back. Linda

    • Hi Linda – sometimes is best to never say never! I surprised myself more than once on this trip. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be riding such steep rocky exposed slopes on a horse, or entering a tunnel on a glacier, or ….. The list goes on! Sometimes one needs to grasp the moment and go for it!
      Stay young and adventurous at heart! See you soon.

  2. more amazing scenery & adventures Kim! it’s been such fun following your journeys & giving us a glimpse of the world of Patagonia – rugged, beautiful & challenging.

    • Good morning Kathy. The Patagonian adventure was truly just that – an adventure! It’s over now. So sad. Ended when I landed in Houston – the worst airport in the world in my humble opinion. Probably I shouldn’t tell that story in such a public forum especially when I’m still in the US. Hell could freeze over before I’d want to go there again….. I believe it all has to do with flying into the US…..but won’t pass judgments on the poor security beleaguered country at this point.

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