Chilling in El Chalten

Well I’ve discovered a place with worse Internet than remote areas of Nepal.  Have had a couple of awesome days I’d like to tell you about and send you pictures of – but that may not happen while I’m here. “Here” being El Chalten in Argentina.

Yesterday I started off on a two hour hike – which turned into six hours – not by accident but because the scenery was so incredible and huge I just couldn’t stop walking and investigating what might be behind the next rise.  I walked up to Glacier Grande which is part of the great southern ice field… YES even after travelling all day by bus two days ago – the ice field continues to be present!

Today I had a marvellous morning riding a huge black horse by name of Kan. Seems like a very understated name for such a cool horse. Hopefully pictures of both events will be coming to you soon!  The riding was so much fun I think I’ll do that again instead of a hike.

Currently it is raining and storming so hard! The rain is coming sideways and in great sheets. I’m so very happy to be in a really nice hostel siting on a comfortable couch with a hot cup of tea. Kinda wish they served food other than at breakfast. Soon I’ll need to brave the horrendous weather – by far the worst I’ve experienced on this trip – and  acquire lunch. Hopefully without blowing away in the process.

4 thoughts on “Chilling in El Chalten

  1. Hi Kim…I gotta admit your adventures are far superior to ours while on Kauai!! Oh yes…not even zip lining 9 lines has a patch on what you are doing…..adventure by boat, horse, and on foot. I love your descriptive writing…makes me feel like I am there with you…of course our wet windy cold weather helps put me in your space …a little.

    • Hi Brenda, it has been a great adventure for sure. Patagonia has turned out to be everything I’d hoped for and more! This evening marks my last. Tomorrow I fly to the US for the cruise. Can’t say as I’m too excited about that yet but am getting a wee bit weary I think. Today I enjoyed sitting in the warm sun – a rare occurrence here – and got happily lost in a book. No tourist delights despite ample opportunity. So I think the timing is right to start the relax phase of this journey.

  2. Hi Kim – You’ve been on the go so steadily, maybe today’s weather provides some welcome down time. Your descriptions are so vivid and the photos have been stunning. Bruce and I have really enjoyed keeping abreast of your many incredible experiences. I never knew you were a horsewoman!
    Hugs from Leslie
    (from my couch on a windy and rather wet spring day)

    • Hi Bruce and Leslie. Glad you’re enjoying because I’m enjoying picking the pictures and sending the tidbits of my fun adventure. And adventurous it has been. More blog coming in a bit. This is my last evening in Patagonia – I’ll be sad to leave this amazing part of the world but am getting a bit travel weary and am getting my mind wrapped around the idea of cruising for two weeks. Well I’m trying to get my mind there – it is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I do rather like the excitement this trip has provided!

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