The group experience – and other comments

The group experience - and other comments

The Refugio’s were pretty comfortable. We were a six person group plus our intrepid guide – Miriam. We shared bunk rooms like this. One of the couples was on their honey moon! Bunk beds with four room mates – some honey moon! They are now staying in much fancier digs with no room mates! This was a great group to trek with. We shared much in common – for instance a growing horror of the sandwiches produced by the Refugio’s for our lunches. These were truly horrendous and became increasingly inedible. Miriam brought along copious quantities of mayo but even that didn’t help much. The bread reminded me of shoe insoles – in fact I think if one needed an insole the bread would have done just fine. As dreadful as the sandwiches were – the water made up for what they lacked. The water is so clean here we could fill our water bottles in the streams we crossed. Imagine doing that in a national park in Canada? It is a real privilege to travel in a place so clean and unspoiled that the natural water is still safe to drink!

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