The great southern ice field

The great southern ice field

Check this out! This is the northern part of the great southern ice field. The third biggest ice field remaining in the world. Antarctica and Greenland are the only bigger ones. This ice field, pared with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (which are so close to each other down here) are the great Patagonian weather makers. Today once again the weather being made was lovely, sunny and warm. Lucky us – four days in a row of sunny skies! So that’s a wrap on the trek blogs.

8 thoughts on “The great southern ice field

  1. Your adventures are breath taking, amazing. thanks so much for discovering and attention to sharing the trip. SO much fun even from our armchairs! I don’t think you have received any of my other comments because I did not fill in the details below1
    Keep safe and enjoy! WOW!

    • Hi joyce good to hear from you. Indeed this is the first time I’ve heard from you but good to know you’re enjoying the blog. There’s more to come in a bit now that I’m in the land of Internet again.

  2. Hi Kim,
    I’ve just caught up on your journey so far….wifi on my trip wasn’t reliable enough for downloading. It looks as though you’ve had a great adventure!!!….. such variety and good weather for the most part. I’m looking forward to following in your footsteps (in a virtual way!) for the rest of the trip. Can hardly wait to see all your gorgeous pictures!

    • Hi Karin, good to hear from you. I’ve loved your missives from your trip. Sounds like this one suited you far more than Viking cruising! We’ll have to share a bottle of wine and pictures when I get home!

  3. Oh My gosh Kim, it is sooo beautiful! You will never forget this. The Refugios are definitely the way to go., glad you have some “comforts”! Excellent photos…as Linda said, they could be posters.
    Stay well and keep on having fun,

    • Hi Brenda,
      I must say I did very much appreciate the warm comforts of the Refugio’s! Lousy sandwiches and all! The fire places and warm beds made up for the total lack of culinary finesse. In one place the bunks were stacked three high. I’m so very glad I scored a bottom bunk! The top bunks were frighteningly high up in the rafters!

  4. Hi, Kim. Unbelievable photos, breathtaking, of the mountains and lakes. COuld be made into big posters. You’re having a for sure adventure and stretching yourself. Take care. Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      You’re right – it is being an unforgettable adventure and this part of the world is absolutely captivating! Wait til I get home and sort my thousands of pictures into a photo book! Not sure if they really are poster quality. Most taken with my small point and shoot – but great records and reminders of time well spent!

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