Los Cuernos

Los Cuernos

An other major mountain feature in the park are these two “Horns” (Los Cuernos) which rise steeply out of two valleys to either side of them. We hiked up one – French valley – and watched some pretty impressive avalanches roar down from the glaciers above. Once again we had glorious weather in the afternoon after a cloudy morning! So at this point we were two for two great sights. Stand by for the next post to see what we saw next!

2 thoughts on “Los Cuernos

  1. Hi Kim, I finally found your blog. What a great photo – I remember these granite spires so well – amazing aren’t they?!?! sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Your photos make me “homesick” for Patagonia.



    • Hi Marianne, good to hear from you! How’s the snow on mount Washington?! Yes the scenery down here is pretty over the top fantastic isn’t it? I’m loving every minute. Am off in a bit – after another coffee – to start exploring the El Chalten area – the lower slopes of Fitz Roy have numerous hiking trails and I hope to become familiar with at least four of them.

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