Days three and four – Herds of Guanacos

Days three and four - Herds of Guanacos

Guanacos are the largest members of the llama family. We rode through several herds of them. This was such a surreal experience. It reminded me of the Serengeti in Tanzania but instead of being in a jeep this riding among the herds was more intimate. None of my pictures are very good. Snapping photos from a moving horse is a bit detrimental to great photos but I’m sure you can imagine what it was like. The woman in from is our guide Sabine. A wonderful woman who often hung back with me and went at a slower pace. My back really started protesting over the thumping of cantering across the hard uneven ground. Must learn to ride a canter better for my next riding adventure. Am thinking riding across the Andes might be fun?!

2 thoughts on “Days three and four – Herds of Guanacos

  1. Hey Kim….just received lots of pics and blog updates from you. So interesting.What a challenge some days must have been! Gorgeous scenery andsuch varied experiences! And yes…definitely more intimate from horse back than a jeep I am glad the tent was weather proof…..doesn’t look it! You will remember this trip for life time!

    • Hi Brenda those tents were much tougher than they look. Six sets of poles in each tent and many pegs plus guy lines. Much more skookum than the average tent! Just wait til you see the rest of my pictures! I took 100s and am currently culling the many blurry ones.

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