Day eight

Day eight

And that’s a wrap on the horse riding adventure of my life time! The last ride.
So now it’s time for me to go collect my laundry and pack up my pack. I leave tomorrow for a five day trek in Torres del Paine. The weather is expected to be – well – windy, snowy, cold, cloudy with perhaps periods of a bit less cloud and rain and maybe some sun and perhaps a bit of warmth on occasion. Thankfully I’m staying in Refugio’s every night. This means dorm rooms but I’m hoping for heated ones. I’m also hoping for heated dining areas and inside toilets. Perhaps hot showers…. But who knows….. Will blog it all upon my return on the 18th!

6 thoughts on “Day eight

  1. Hi Kim,
    Just finished perusing your latest pics and comments. Can only imagine the wind but what scenery! And on horseback. You are probably now on your trek and we’re looking forward to those blogs. You make me think I need to get “out there” more!!

    • Hi Leslie hmm this may be the second reply to your comment – weird cyber things going on….
      Anyway yes indeed it was an over the top fabulous experience. From insane winds to incredible scenery to intensely exciting riding… Yes we must all seek adventures when we are able as time awaits none of us.

  2. Kim, You’re amazing to do such extreme (to me) adventures! It must be a thrill to finish and know, wow, I did that!! The pictures and descriptions were nice to get, and especially the Grey Glacier and the Summit shot. Enjoy the next part of your trip. Linda

    • Hi Linda – this adventure was a bit more tough than I’d imagined it would be. Despite the riding lessons I was rather unprepared for the varied terrain and the difficulties involved in riding through it for such lengthy periods. But I learned a great deal and am keen to improve my riding skills and do another cross country trail ride. One thing that was pretty scary was the steep ledges and slopes we sometimes clambered around on and up and down. How do horses do that?!

  3. Kim
    What a fantastic horseback adventure you have described to us! You managed too sum up so much in relatively few words and pictures. The Book Club is going to seem very tame after all you have experienced!

    • Hi Judith, it was an amazing trip but book club never fails to be an adventure of its own! I’ve just gone a whole eight days without reading a thing! Was too done in every night when I climbed into an oh so very cozy sleeping bag on two therma rests in a tiny tent. Sleep always came quickly and was long. Thank goodness. The ordeal of going out for the mid night stroll was not at all pleasant. One hoped the urge would pass until the current deluge of sleet or driving rain would pause! Thanks to utter exhaustion I did manage to sleep through most nights with my book buried somewhere deep in my duffle bag!

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