Tis a wee world of extraordinary coincidences

So one of my table mates on the cruise was a woman from Switzerland. Remember me mentioning the Swiss sisters.

Now guess who one of my fellow horse riding mates will be…?

Indeed – none other than the woman from Switzerland. Who’s name by the way is Jolie.

Tell me what are the chances of this happening?

She was a fun cruising table mate and I’ve no doubt will be a great riding companion as well!

I just had to share that with you! And now I’m sure that will be all you’re going to hear from me until after the ride!

2 thoughts on “Tis a wee world of extraordinary coincidences

  1. In case this reaches you before your ride have a marvellous time and it should be even more fun with a riding-mate Jolie! Enjoying your emails enormously. Guess we will be in Hawaii for your next one. It is typical West Coast weather here – grey and wet!! Take care. Sally

    • Hi Sally as you will see from recent posts, I had an amazing ride. It was exciting and unforgettable. I’m so glad to have seen this part of the world from horse back – it is meant to be experienced this way.

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