So 14,500 years ago there was a giant sloth, bigger by far than a horse.  It was a herbivore and was the favoured meal for none other than the fierce sabre tooth tiger. These creatures used to live here and yesterday I went – by taxi – to see the cave where some remains were found. As caves go it wasn’t much – nothing exciting and not particularly deep with no cool stalagmites  but the county side was lovely and worth the drive. Pictures coming.

In case you are wondering about the taxi. Well. Where to begin. Ushuaia positively overflowed with day excursions of every conceivable type. Punta Arenas seemed the same. Puerto Natales on the other hand – despite having numerous tour companies – has nothing on offer in the immediate area. Everything is focused on the park 60 kms away where I’m going to be hiking and riding.  This seems a bit of a shame but I needed a couple of days of relax time So perhaps this is a good thing!

The  weather continues somewhat sunny, not too windy and dry. My ride starts tomorrow and I’m hoping this warm trend continues. There will be no Internet for the 10 days of the ride (which is actually eight days) so  afterwards you’ll all be inundated with a mass of pictures and anecdotes no doubt.

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