Every day we had two zodiac excursions.

Every day we had two zodiac excursions.

This excursion was to Piloto glacier. It was the only place we didn’t actually go on shore. The fjord is narrow and steep sided and the glacier was calving – thus the possibility of a small tsunami type wave. It did calve a couple of times while we were there but the waves were very small. (Non exist ant actually). It looks cold but we were bundled up due to being in the wind exposed zodiacs for an hour. The disembarkation instructions were to wear all ones clothes!

Back on shore.

The cruise is over and it was fantastic. Way exceeded expectations! But at this point I can’t really remember what those expectations were.

The weather was remarkably good for down here so we were able to disembark in zodiacs two times every day to see and experience all sorts of  southern wildness.

Am now in Punta Arenas Chile. Have about 24 hours here and there’s lots to see and do so will be sending you cruise pictures tomorrow or the next day. Just thought I’d let you know I’m still alive and having great adventures.