The ship to zodiac to ship transfer

The ship to zodiac to ship transfer

In case anyone is thinking we were docked for any of the shore excursions – let me set the record straight. No we weren’t. There were four zodiacs. They pulled up to a ladder at the stern of the ship. We stepped off the ship onto the bow of the zodiac and then shuffled down the sides to let more passengers on. Most of the time the seas were very calm, but even at Cape Horn it was easy because there was lots of crew members to help.

4 thoughts on “The ship to zodiac to ship transfer

  1. Hi Linda, my son sent me a picture of the valley snow fall! I must say I’m glad to be here and not fussing about shovelling and driving in it! I’m also very happy for the mountain because they needed snow so badly! Hopefully this will save the ski season! This is proving to be an unusually warm period of weather down here at the moment. I must say thought that the Patagonian concept of good weather is a far cry from what we could consider pleasant. They had the warmest day of the year here the other day – 15 degrees. Can you imagine if that was a warm summer day in the valley? I’m pleased to be here during this heat wave and am just hoping it lasts through the ride.

  2. This looks like a fantastic little voyage, Kim, and well worth the expense! I remember seeing the Albatross Memorial from a distance. We too had very calm weather at Cape Horn, which was amazing. We went from Atlantic to Pacific and then back again another two times with a bell ringing each time we went between oceans. Is that a custom? Did you experience it too? Loved your penguins and you were probably able to see them better without the snow. Incidentally, if you’re missing the white stuff, we had a real dump last weekend when it snowed almost continuously for three days. The roads are now clear but there are mounds of snow at the sides and more forecast for the weekend…Keep writing!

    • Hi Judith. I don’t know about the bell ringing custom. I don’t think we actually went from one ocean to the other. We turned around at the horn and retraced our “steps” up to Beagle Channel. Fly sent me a picture of the Comox valley snow fall. Looked pretty, but I’m glad I’m not there to drive in it! Hope you and Philip and Daisy are enjoying the white stuff.
      More blog pictures coming. So hard to choose from the 100s I took!

  3. Hi, Kim. Love see your great pictures. That albatross sculpture was so great… my eyes shifted over as soon as you said what it was… loved it. What a great adventure and unique trip of a life time. Lots of SNOW here, but no penguins (although people are walking like penguins on the roads). Take care and engage! Linda

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