Adios from Cruceros Australis cruise number 243

Adios from Cruceros Australis cruise number 243

So here’s the last cruise picture I think……it was really hard to choose a few to show you because I took about 1000 in the three and a half days.
Speaking of which. This cruise is advertised as a five day trip. This is a stretch. We were on board for 90 hours, were fed four dinners, four breakfasts and three lunches. How can this be considered five days? (120 hours and one would like to think five of each meal… that would be five days.)
It was a beautiful, educational, enjoyable trip with seven off ship excursions by zodiac. The crew were very skilled and the whole thing – despite being too short – is unforgettable for all the right reasons!

4 thoughts on “Adios from Cruceros Australis cruise number 243

    • Hi Leslie,
      We’ll just have to plan a trip somewhere and put a stop to your vicarious living. You still have your postponed prairie Odyssey to be looking forward to. Not that this is the time of year to do that trip!

    • Yes Brenda I needed to “do the math” in case anyone thought I was being unreasonable in my estimations of what five versus less than four really is! But you’re right – it was a cruise packed so full of activities I was quite exhausted! Imagine how the crew feels after a full season of back to back cruises! How’s your sun vacation going? I bet you’re glad your missing the snow in the valley!

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