Back on shore.

The cruise is over and it was fantastic. Way exceeded expectations! But at this point I can’t really remember what those expectations were.

The weather was remarkably good for down here so we were able to disembark in zodiacs two times every day to see and experience all sorts of  southern wildness.

Am now in Punta Arenas Chile. Have about 24 hours here and there’s lots to see and do so will be sending you cruise pictures tomorrow or the next day. Just thought I’d let you know I’m still alive and having great adventures.

2 thoughts on “Back on shore.

  1. Hi Kim Sounds like you’re having an amazing and a one of a kind holiday! I can close my eyes and be there on your journey with the great descriptions you write. You certainly know how to have interesting journeys. My most recent trip to Whitehorse does not compete. It was -33 up there in the wind some days and I can’t tell you it was fun being outside. I did have a nice visit with Linda and she was very happy to have the company. We enjoyed a number of ticketed Yukon Rondezvous events while there and they were indoors thank heaven. You and I were literally ‘poles’ apart. Enjoy the rest of your trip. 🙂 CA

    • Hi Carol, that is funny us being at opposite ends of the earth! So good you got to have a nice visit with Linda despite the coldness. And yes I am greatly enjoying getting to know a bit about this part of the world. Where I am right now is Puerto Natales. It has a real frontier town feel to it. Hard to describe. In some ways very modern but in others I feel like I’ve stepped into an oddly painted set for an old western type movie. Instead of saloons there are all manner of restaurants and eateries. Many selling goodies and cakes. Omg I need to stay away from those delicious temptations.

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