From the bottom of the world

Good morning from Ushuaia.

the most southern town on the planet….pretty nice place with sooooo much to do in soooo little time. Will send you pictures this evening. This just to let you know that upon arrival I had a snooze as I was completely exhausted. Then I walked up to a chairlift to shake out the cob webs. Didn’t ride it as it was getting a bit late but enjoyed the views, had dinner then walked back to town.

yesterday went with a group to the nearby national park and enjoyed a four hour trek along a beach and through forest….. You’ll get pictures of that too. It was beautiful! Topped that off with a delicious picnic lunch then a canoe trip.

by the time I got back here to the hostel I was more than tired and slept for nearly 12 hours.

so here it is day three and I’m off 4×4 off road tripping and kayaking.

no doubt more pictures.

so just to let you all know. I’m here, enjoying and all is well at the bottom of the world.

One thought on “From the bottom of the world

  1. Hi Kim,

    We will look forward to your photos and commentary while away in Kauai…not nearly as exciting as your trip!. Sun, Sea and sand and minor adventures for us!. Stay safe and have a super time.
    Brenda and Rick

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