Biding time in Buenos Aires

Three of four flights completed and I’m feeling a bit in need of a horizontal surface on which to sleep.  With a long lay over here I can’t recheck my bag for some time – several hours I think – so not much in the way of comfortable seating on the “wrong” side of the check in and security gates.

The air Canada flight to Toronto was nothing to write home about, but my onward international connection was great. Two of the best in-flight meals I’ve ever had and lots of leg room. Who knew?

Buenos Aires is a massive city. It took over an hour to drive from one airport to the other. We went through city centre which was good for a bit of rubber necking. Seems like a pretty clean place with wide well maintained major roads. Toll roads I think seeing

as we went through three toll booths. The suburbs appear to be very high density living with tall quite ugly all similar apartment buildings packed pretty close to each other.

we also drove by the port and along the coast a bit. The port is massive.

So far I’ve discovered very few people who speak any English. Not the driver, not the airport info desk person, not the food servers. Those are I guess the only people I have talked to. But much less English spoken here than in Kathmandu for instance. Or anywhere else I’ve been come to think of it. I’m very glad I brought my spanish/English dictionary! Also glad I don’t get too worried about having to muddle along in sign language and guess work based on the context of the situation.

next stop Ushuaia ?….

7 thoughts on “Biding time in Buenos Aires

  1. I always make sure my layovers are an hour or less. Makes the trip more exciting thinking you could miss your next flight… You should try it! Getting intoxicated at the airport also helps. Remember Bangkok?

    • Hey fly – I imagine I remember Bangkok rather more clearly than you do. I wonder who found those ray bans!
      A short connection would have been much preferable, unfortunately there were none to be had. I eventually found a place where several other people had made themselves nests on the tile floor so I joined their ranks and at least lay down. It was rather uncomfortable. They were all on the same flight as me!

    • Hola Pat, yes indeed! It seems a fairly intuitive language to get the basics of – with lots of similarities to English and French so I don’t feel completely mystified. I’m told the dialect down here is different from in the northern Spanish speaking countries but it’s all part of the travelling adventure.

  2. Hi Kim…you are on your way! Have a fabulous adventure! I remember feeling the need for a horizontal space on my way home from India…I get it! Stay safe…looking forward to your blogs. We will live vicariously through you.

    Brenda and Rick

  3. That all sounds far too uncomfortable for me, Kim. I believe there are a few airports these days – certainly at least one in Japan – where you can rent a “pod” for a few hours sleep. Was your international flight Air Canada as well or some other airline? It’s a pity you can’t see more of BA. We loved the city and have vowed to return some day. We did the Evita tour and saw her grave etc and then had one of the most splendid BBQ meals I have every experienced.
    Hope the flight to Ushaia goes well.

    • Hi Judith. Yes my onward international flight was Air Canada. That’s why I was so surprised at the comfort level!
      And I’ve checked here for the sleeping pods – there are none. The problem is I’m stuck with my to be checked bag so can’t continue into the gate area yet where it would be far more comfortable.(or so I imagine in my current state of sleep deprivation). I’ve now consumed coffee at both eateries in the departures level and have found a semi comfortable arm chair in a corner under the escalators. I’m people watching and certainly far from the only person in this state. Time is passing though. Have read Anita Shreve’s “light on snow” quick read but enjoyable.

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